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Four very bright public library directors

Posted in on a + note by flickfancy on July 21, 2014

kitty#29A few weeks ago at the Canadian Library Association annual conference I had the pleasure of attending a workshop featuring four very bright public library directors. In a panel discussion they were asked what kept them up at night and this is some of what they said:

►”Libraries need a ‘change agenda;’ a list of the services and procedures that need to be improved. It needs to be a list that all staff can embrace and support.” I like this idea so much I have created one for the library, one for my family and one for me.

►”The magic of the public library is the consolidation and blending of resources, services and staff. It’s this unique environment of lifelong learning opportunities that makes Canadian public libraries in the 21st century so successful.”

►”Public libraries are not community centers. They are similar is some ways but we are a community learning space first and foremost.”

►”People are living in smaller spaces therefore the need for community space to read, learn and discover is growing.”

When they were asked what the biggest challenges in library land are, they said:

►”How do we manage the fast pace of change and the slow pace of government?”

►”How do we cut through the noise and tell the library story with a louder, more persuasive voice?”

►”We are planning for perfection but that inhibits our ability to take risks and take action”

►”How can we be agile enough to keep the best staff engaged and doing the work they are most skilled at doing?”


So there you have it, four very bright public library directors with lots of insightful thoughts about library land.


Kitty Pope                                                                                                #29 July 2014



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