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An exit interview is an organizational selfie

Posted in on a + note by flickfancy on June 23, 2014

kitty#25How an organization says good bye to an employee speaks volumes about the organization itself.

An exit interview provides a unique opportunity to look at internal operations and can be a useful tool to gather information about how to improve, change, or remain the same. It can reduce staff turnover, increase employee productivity and streamline workflow. It can also be very useful in the strategic planning process and targeting organizational reviews. An exit interview is like an organizational selfie!

But why bother? An effective exit interview is:

● Usually an honest internal view of the organization and how it can improve
● Ironically, can help focus and direct the recruiting process. Does the library need the same skill set or are there new needs that should be addresses by a new hire?

An exit interview is best done: one on one, behind closed doors, on the last day of work, kept confidential and done by a neutral party (not their immediate supervisor or the CEO). Questions should be open ended and encourage two way dialogue. The exit interview is the ultimate listening exercise.

But, I think it’s particularly worth the time and effort because:

● It provides a unique view of where the library has been and where it needs to go
● You can learn a lot about what’s working and what isn’t
● It’s respectful and an opportunity to thank the employee

What I’ve learned through exit interviews…..

● It’s always about more and better communication!
● Often it’s the small things that have made the biggest impact
● Don’t underestimate the importance of the strategic plan to help staff embrace the libraries vision and lead change
● “Thank you” and “you did a great job” are the 2 most powerful phrases that resonate again and again with staff

An exit interview, just like a selfie, is a blueprint for improvement.

Kitty Pope                                                                                                    #25 June 2014



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