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Hiring the perfect employee

Posted in on a + note by flickfancy on May 26, 2014

kittyHow do you assess a potential employee and figure out how or if they will fit into the library?  The candidate may look like a perfect fit on paper, the right combination of education, experience and attitude. However, that does not always add up to the right person for the job.  Hiring the right person is tough, so I am always interested in ways to improve job interviewing skills.

Recently, I have come to believe that some of what I need to know about a potential employee I can find out by watching how they drive.

For example:

● Do they merge nicely into traffic and then return the favour?

● How do they respond to: being cut off by another driver? a traffic accident? or someone parking in their parking spot?

● Are they the driver that needs to pass everyone and be first, or are they the turtle in the middle lane slowing down traffic?

● When lost do they ask for directions, argue with the GPS, or just keep driving?

● How did they manage their last road trip? Did they do some research, plan breaks or pack snacks and did they enjoy the adventure, stop to walk the dog, or phone home?


It’s always interesting to hear how a candidate prepared for a job interview, or what book they just read, by asking them:

►To describe how they learned to drive

►How they handle a stressful driving situation

►If they have ever had a driving accident, what did they learned? or

►How do they plan a road trip and you may learn more about the candidate than you expected.


A candidate can claim to be the perfect hire, but show me a video of their morning commute and I will know.


Kitty Pope                                                                                              #21 May 2104



PS  On a personal note, how your sweetie deals with putting up Christmas lights, will tell you a whole  lot about how they deal with life!!! lol


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