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It’s funny how times change …

Posted in on a + note by flickfancy on March 31, 2014

It’s funny how time and the years change our attitudes and beliefs.  Over the weekend I was looking at some terrible old photos and just for fun I started a list, which turned into a chart of ideas that have changed over the years. For example, when I was thirty, Friday evening was my favorite time of the week. But now, I think any day is great; I love Mondays because they are full of new challenges, Hump Day is always promising, and Saturday is great because anything can happen!

Your Favourite Day:
in your 30’s… friday evening
in your 40’s… saturday or sunday
in your 50’s… any day, they are all great

Your Favourite Meal:untitled3
in your 30’s… Christmas dinner
in your 40’s… any one that someone else makes
in your 50’s… when the whole family is at the table

The World is Driven By:
in your 30’s… trends and getting enough sleep
in your 40’s… the babysitter or janitor
in your 50’s… parking

Best Advice You Ever Received:
in your 30’s… “dance like there is no tomorrow”
in your 40’s… “it’s ok to say no”
in your 50’s… “don’t sweat the small stuff”

Preferred Exercise:
in your 30’s… mountain climbing Untitled4
in your 40’s… driving to the game
in your 50’s… walking the dog or with grandkids

Education Is:
in your 30’s… freedom
in your 40’s… freedom
in your 50’s… still freedom

Go-To Diet:
in your 30’s… “lose 100lbs in 100 days”
in your 40’s… Weight Watchers
in your 50’s… skip the donut

Favourite Foot Gear:
in your 30’s… trendy heels or flip flops
in your 40’s… runners
in your 50’s… loafers or boots. It’s all about comfort while still running

It’s Ok If You Don’t Like:Untitled5
in your 30’s… skinny jeans or Dr. Seuss
in your 40’s… skinny jeans or opera
in your 50’s… skinny jeans or grapefruit

Being a Librarian:
in your 30’s…  is awesome! who knew!
in your 40’s… rocks
in your 50’s… is still the best job in the free world!

Career Goals:
in your 30’s… stay out of trouble and learn lots
in your 40’s… not so afraid of trouble but keep learning
in your 50’s… embrace trouble and write about it!

What Surprised You Most About Library Work:
in your 30’s… it’s so much fun!
in your 40’s… it’s so political; did I learn that in library school?
in your 50’s… it’s still fun even if it’s political!

So how have your ideas changed over the years? I bet you’ll be surprised by your answers.

Have a great day.

Kitty Pope

kpope@library.guelph.on.ca                                                                        #13 March 2014


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