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Canada vs. the United States

Posted in on a + note by flickfancy on March 10, 2014

kitty#10For some strange reason a few weeks ago, on yet another cold and blustery Sunday morning, over a second cup of coffee I got interested in a list of the bestselling cars in Canada and the United States. And the reference question got out of control as I looked for more bestselling items.  I included only bestselling items, not favorites or most popular items and in no way is this scientific, it is just interesting and perhaps in some small way, explains us all a bit better.

Chocolate#1 Selling Food
Canada – chocolate, bacon blueberries
USA – thanksgiving dinner, burgers, chocolate
Note: At least we agree on chocolate!

#1 Selling Cold Cereal
Canada – Special K
USA –   Honey Nut Cheerios

#1 Selling Condiment
Canada – Tomato catsup
USA – Salsacarrots

#1 Selling Fruit
Canada – Apple, Blueberries
USA – Banana, Watermelon, Pineapple
Note: Worldwide, it’s mango

#1 Selling Vegetable
Canada – Carrots
USA – Carrots

#1 Selling Coffee
Canada – Maxwell House (home brewed); Tim Horton’s (retail)
USA – Folgers (home brewed); Starbucks (retail)cocacolacan

#1 Selling Beer
Canada – Budweiser*
USA – Bud Light
*Molson & Coors merged in 2005

#1 Selling Spirit
Canada – Whisky
USA – Vodka

#1 Selling Pop/Soda
Canada – Coca-Colafries
USA – Coca-Cola
Note: In the Middle East, it’s Pepsi

#1 Selling Item at McDonald’s
Canada – French Fries
USA – French Fries

#1 Selling Car
Canada – Honda Civic
USA – Toyota Camry2013-Ford-F150-Limited-Front-Angle

#1 Selling Truck
Canada – Ford F Series
USA – Ford F Series

#1 Car Colour
Canada – Silver/Grey
USA – White/Beige
Note: But for sports cars, we all agree it’s red!

costco#1 Selling Item at Costco
Canada – Toilet Paper
USA – Toilet Paper

#1 Sport
Canada – Hockey, Hockey, Hockey
USA – Football, Baseball, Basketball
Note: Worldwide, it’s soccer

#1 Book
Canada – Anne of Green Gables (50 million copies sold)
USA – The Da Vinci Code (80 million copies sold)
Note: This really surprised me!


Kitty Pope                                                                                                #10 March 2014



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