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Great Super Bowl commercials

Posted in on a + note by flickfancy on February 10, 2014

kitty#6aThe Super Bowl provides advertisers with the largest single audience of the year and consequently some of the best commercials are produced for the game. However, this audience does not come cheap – a one minute spot this year cost $8 million and you still need to create an award winning commercial that will produce a corresponding ROI. With that said, I find Super Bowl commercials really interesting to watch and ultimately learn from them. My favorites this year include:

►The Beats Music commercial. Ellen DeGeneres is Goldilocks in this commercial retelling of the classic fairy tale. After declaring Papa’s tunes “too fast” and Mama’s beat “too slow,” Goldie discovers Beats Music and has a hilarious dance party with the three bears and the wolf. Why is this a great piece of adverting?  It’s memorable, funny and relatable but also, Ellen has done a masterful job of also promoting the product on her show. This is smart, cost effective advertising!

►Of course my favorite commercial this year is the one with the big ponies. Budweiser’s Puppy Love commercial . It has been done many times before, but this year’s one-minute spot, featuring an adorable golden retriever puppy who befriends one of the iconic Budweiser Clydesdales is a great example of successful marketing. Yes, it is sentimental but more importantly it’s memorable and consequently builds market share. In less than a month this commercial has already had over 35 million views on YouTube. It is the most widely shared Super Bowl advertisement ever and that huge brand recognition translates into sales.

►Ah, the power of laughter! In this 2014 Toyota Highlander commercial, Terry Crews reluctantly picks up the Muppets who proceed to take him on a musical adventure. By the end of the commercial, the NFL-star turned “Old Spice guy” is shirtless and singing about his adventure.Why is this commercial so successful? First and foremost it makes the audience laugh, and laughter is more memorable than terror. Also, the characters are recognizable from Terry to Kermit so we identify and we sing along. Next time I see a Highlander I will be thinking about the Muppet band and singing along!

►This year’s Cheerios Super Bowl commercial marks the return of young Gracie, whose multi-racial family sparked a nationwide debate about diversity in advertising last year. This year she is negotiating with her Dad for a puppy after he reveals she’ll soon be getting a baby brother. With over 4.5 million views, this advertisement is already a classic. It is funny, relatable and speaks to the human condition.  But, be sure and watch the expression on the Mom’s face, it’s priceless! Gracie maybe the star but, it’s Mom that makes this commercial advertising gold! And who buys the cereal  at your house? Likely Mom.

There are thousands of commercials made every year, but here are a few of the best. I hope you enjoyed them, did a little analysis of your own and gave you some new ideas for your library’s next promotion. Obviously humour, pets, celebrities and kids speak volumes!

Kitty Pope                                                                                              #6 January 2014



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