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GPL …Your Other Best Friend

Posted in on a + note by flickfancy on January 13, 2014

princess1At the Guelph Public Library (GPL), the home of the Paperbag Princess, we have an annual marketing theme. It is a phrase or idea that defines the library for the year and provides focus for marketing, programs and outreach. It is developed as a part of the strategic planning process  and provides a clearly focused, universally recognizable and cohesive marketing program. We use the annual theme all over the website, on banners, on publications and imbedded in the library logo.

Over the years we have used annual themes like:

► www….. our other front door

► Enriching lives and empowering people

► Cooking up great ideas

► Making a difference

► GPL saves you time

princess3Our 2014 theme is “GPL, your other best friend”. I love this year’s theme because it is easily imaged from pets and our iconic princess to books and technology. It speaks to one of the intrinsic truths about public libraries and generates buzz words like loyalty, trust, pride, engaging and supportive just like a friend.

Programs in the planning stage to support the theme include:

● Teen summer reading program with an incentive to “bring a friend”

● March break “How to Fair” ….highlighting our great Info staff who will show customers in 5 minutes how to: Hula-hoop, choose a cell phone, teach your dog to sit, make a perfect cup of coffee etc. just like a friend would

● Building programs around everyday heroes like:

▪ pet therapy and reading buddy programs

▪ community helpers like snow plow operators (big heroes here in Canada!!) at story hours

▪ teen pen pal / video programprincess2

● Website contest about famous friends like:

▪ Oprah and Gayle

▪ Adam and Blake

▪ Winnie the Pooh and Christopher Robin

● Website option to mail a personalized GPL postcard and send it to a friend

People flock to the public library (in Guelph 1,500 per day) because they know they will be warmly received and get the help they need. Just like the GPL vision statement, our customers and friends know us, trust us, are proud of us and inspire us.

We truly are our customers other best friend!

Kitty Pope                                                                                               #2 January 2014


ps…YUP Leah Mc Creight, an amazing local artist, created the images!!!

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