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Welcome to 2014! #52; 2013

Posted in on a + note by flickfancy on December 30, 2013

kitty#52As we put a lid on 2013, I am thinking about the biggest changes in library land in the last ten years. What has rocked our world?  I would have to say:

►Change is the new normal. I don’t think I know a library where all, yup all, the policies, procedures, services and job descriptions have not radically changed in the last ten years. The vast majority of the changes all related to better customer service.

►Technology has totally changed library land allowing staff to spend more time with the customer and less time with tedious, repetitive duties. What did we do before staff scheduling software?

►In the last ten years the public library has returned to their roots as a community meeting place with more public reading areas, more meeting space and more opportunities to engage in  dialogue. Just think of the rise in election debates and forums, adult programs and library blogs.

►The pace at which we need to make decisions in library land has skyrocketed. We no longer have the leisure of “mulling” over a decision. You snooze, you lose.

►It was unthinkable ten years ago that the majority of new library school graduates would be employed in the business world and not in a library. Now over 40% of librarians start their career in the corporate world.

►Attention to trends has become essential to keep the library moving ahead. If you aren’t moving ahead you are losing ground, or to quote a recent toothpaste commercial, “if you aren’t whitening, you are yellowing”.

►Libraries are finally embracing the reality that we must brand and market our services, just to stay alive. Advertising and marketing in library land is no longer a “luxury” it is now a matter of survival.

Over the last ten years, the library world has changed significantly but library staff and their ability to adapt and change has been tested and more successful than ever!

Happy New Year; we live in amazing times.

Kitty Pope                                                                                         #52 December 2013



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