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How to deal with disappointment. #42: 2013

Posted in on a + note by flickfancy on October 21, 2013

kitty#42I have been thinking about how to constructively deal with disappointment the last few weeks as I watch the board, staff and in fact the whole Guelph library community see the dream of a new main library marginalized, yet again.

It has been a twelve years fight to get a new main library on the cities capital building plan and it still is not on the list! Building projects have been developed, funded and jumped ahead of the library year after year. However, there are many ways to build a library, using public tax payer dollars, using private dollars or a combination of funding sources.

However while this is being sorted out, how do you keep staff and supporters positively engaged and moving ahead?

●As a library leader, quickly adjust your personal attitude to the positive. How do you do that? In the first few hours of a setback, review the library mission statement and strategic plan. It will remind you why the dream is so important.

●Go back to your planning documents. Are the plans still solid, valid and realistic?

●Publically address the setback with simple, honest language explaining how the library intends to move forward. Think strategically; focus on the end result and the steps necessary to get there. “Government-speak”, the blame game or platitudes won’t work in this situation. Focus on outcomes!

●Pull your friends and supporters close. They will help rebuild the community’s resolve and confidence to continue the fight.

●Use all your channels of communication to get out the positive message

Successfully dealing with disappointment is all about attitude, focus, clarity, friends and a commitment to continue the fight.

For the Guelph library community, we need a new main library and if it takes another twelve years to make it happen, we are up for the challenge. We owe it to our existing 53,000 customers and the next fifty years of library customers.

Believe in the freedom to read, learn and discover

Kitty Pope                                                                                              # 42 October 2013



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