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What is it about writers? #41: 2013

Posted in on a + note by flickfancy on October 14, 2013

kitty#41Exactly what is it about meeting writers that we in library land love so much? After all these years as a librarian, why do I still get a thrill when I meet and talk to an author?

Several weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending the 25TH annual Eden Mills Writer’s Festival in picturesque Eden Mills Ontario…about 15 minutes east of Guelph.

In 1989, the first public readings took place outside the old General Store in the centre of Eden Mills. Reading that first year to an audience of 350 were the iconic Rohinton Mistry, legendary Michael Ondaatje and fabulous Jane Urquhart. What a line-up! Thousands now make the pilgrimage to the Festival each year to enjoy the unique mix of bucolic surroundings, great literature, and relaxed ambiance. In Leon Rooke’s words, Eden Mills is a place “where new writers are introduced to a large audience and established writers are newly engaged.”

But, why do we in library land love meeting writers?

►It’s our bread and butter. Without great writers there would be no libraries!

►We understand the impact that a great story or recipe can have.

►It’s the great pleasure of putting a face to someone who in our private moments we have read and embraced intellectually.

►And in meeting a cookbook author (my very favourite type of author), it’s connecting the pleasure of a great meal with family and friends to the person who gave us the inspiration and how to.

For all those reasons and many more, one of the great pleasures of being a librarian is meeting all the authors who make our work so interesting and allow us to connect to our customers in a way that no other profession can boast or better yet celebrate!

Hurray for authors and hurray for the Eden Mills Writer’s Festival. You make our work so much more interesting and fun!


Kitty Pope                                                                                       #41 October 2014


P.S. Yup, that is the amazing Rose Murray at the Eden Mills Festival. Her classic Christmas cookbook, first published in 1979 is being republished this month!!!   It is one of my all-time favorite cookbooks.

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