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What I learned this summer. #36: 2013

Posted in on a + note by flickfancy on September 9, 2013

kitty#36This summer Ross, Diefenbaker (our welsh terrier) and I adopted a 6 year old cairn terrier named Gracie. She was rescued from a puppy mill after having more than 60 puppies. Like many puppy mill rescues, she was very timid especially around people and at only 12 pounds, very quiet and sedentary. The first few weeks were challenging as we taught Gracie all about potty training, walking on a leash, not shaking after a bath and sleeping in on Sunday morning. But after 12 weeks I am happy to report we have all adjusted, however I think I have learned more than anyone else in my family. For example;

●I had no idea how much fun a new dog can be. Every morning Gracie wakes up with a wagging tail and a look as if to say “I can’t believe I am still here and you still love me!”

Patience is really a learned skill, and I have much work to do!

●Even when you think your life is totally full with work, family, friends and community, amazingly there seems to be room for the unconditional love of a pet.

kitty#36.2In a world that worships the new and shiny, there is much beauty in a rescued dog that was thrown on the scrap heap of life.

●I have re-learned that you need to be happy wherever you are in life. Postponing fun will find you wishing your whole life away. Gracie has happily reminded me to live in the moment.

●It is impossible to be sad or grumpy when walking a dog.

●The pleasure of watching two dogs play is immeasurable. Diefenbaker and Gracie share his “puppy” bed, daily walks and security duties.

Rescuing Gracie was the very best things our family did this summer.

Kitty Pope                                                                                          #36 September 2013


PS.  The top photo was snapped moments after we met Gracie and the lower photo was taken on the deck last week.


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  1. Wendy Walton said,

    What a wonderful good news story about giving a new life to an animal in need! This story has started my week off wonderfully! Congratulations on your new family member.

  2. Susan said,

    Ahhhh. What a cutie. And it is so true, life is short, make the most of it and have fun. Congrats!

  3. Stephanie McCreight said,

    We have 2 Cairn Rescues so I know what you are going through. There is nothing better then to see the Rescue turn into a…DOG!. I love it, when they finally come to us, or don’t shake when walking by a garbage can or mail box. Good for you for taking the time on a rescue. Stephanie.

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