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Good advertising. #35: 2013

Posted in on a + note by flickfancy on September 2, 2013

kitty#35Several weeks ago a young staff member and library school student asked me how I define good advertising; they were working on a class assignment.

This is what I said….

“ I think  good advertising leaves you with some kind of lingering effect; it changes you in some small way. It gets beyond the superficial and is embedded into the customers head, heart and soul. The customer internalizes the message and ultimately acts on it: buying the widget, visiting the library or donating to the cause. This requires clarity, simplicity and for me, humour. Ultimately, good advertising is memorable and moves the customer to action”.

This sounds relatively easy and predictable but, as most of us know, good advertising is not easy or predictable. It is an art and a science plus requires a whole lot of luck.

The staff member went on to ask me for some examples.

I suggested they look at:

►Tim Horton commercials, particularly the “True Storied “campaign

Dog food advertising…these folks know how to evoke an emotional response

►Car companies. They are the masters at selling a feeling. For example, my all-time favorite car ad, the classic Cadillac commercial that asks  “When you turn it on does it return the favour?”

There are lots of examples of good advertising… just look for advertisments that move you to action and you are on the right track.

Kitty Pope                                                                                        #35 September 2013


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