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Bookaboo. #32: 2013

Posted in on a + note by flickfancy on August 12, 2013

bookabooI am of the school of thought that anything that gets kids reading is ok with me and my current favorite is the new CBC children’s program Bookaboo.

Each episode features rock star puppy Bookaboo and a celebrity sharing a book. When they’re finished reading, Bookaboo rocks the stage and wows the crowd with the best canine drum solo ever!

The children’s television show was created three years ago by UK producer Lucy Goodman after learning that one in six adults in the UK are illiterate and only 16% of British children are read to at bed time. In an interview she said “I didn’t want to make a show that preaches…or made adults feel guilty…”. There is also an interactive website for the UK version of the show.

The third season of 25 episodes is being produced this summer by CBC in Montreal.  It’s dubbed Bookaboo’s Canadian Tour and features Canadian actors, politicians and even a wrestling star all reading Canadian books like: Larf by author Ashley Spires, Cookiebot! by Katie Van Camp and Scaredy Squirrel by Montreal’s Melanie Watt. Celebrity guest stars include: Canadian actor Adam Beach reading The Great Snortle Hunt, Gordon Pinsent reading Scruffy Bear and the Six White Mice, and news anchor Peter Mansbridge.

So why should we in library land care?

►Bookaboo is featuring Canadian books this year. It’s all about kids and it’s all about promoting reading….all things we embrace and love.

►It sends a message to our customers that the public library of 2013 is current, interactive and a fun place to be.

How are we at GPL going to use Bookaboo?

►Passively in the children’s department we will be playing episodes (namely on Saturday afternoons when there is no formal kids program)

► We will be creating a series of interactive displays in our branches promoting the show, the books and of course the authors

►We will add the Bookaboo links to the soon-to-launch GPL Teacher’s Portal so teachers can use it in their classrooms.

For all of these reasons and I am sure many more …we at GPL love Bookaboo.

Have a great week!

Kitty Pope                                                                                         #32 August 2013


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