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It’s all about them, not us! #30: 2013

Posted in on a + note by flickfancy on July 29, 2013

kitty #30The Customer Value Proposition (CVP) precisely defines why a customer should buy a specific product or use a service.  By its very nature, the CVP targets potential customers and convinces them to buy the product. The CVP also differentiates your product from competitors and increases your market share. For the library, it tells our story and why we are the best deal in town!

Often consumers make a purchasing decisions based solely on the price…think of the No Frills grocery store.  However, a purchasing decision also depends on:

►convenience…is there a closer but, slightly more expensive grocery store?

►quality…can I buy that expensive gourmet coffee at Wal-Mart?

►guaranteed service…can I return it if I am not satisfied?

Examples of Canadian companies that truly understand and successfully market the CVP include:

M&M Meat Shops – a very successful Kitchener, Ontario based company with over 425 locations, provides busy customers with easy, high quality frozen foods. While their products demand premium prices, they meet all the qualifications of a successful and persuasive CVP:  reasonably priced, convenient, high quality and a great return policy. As a result they are extremely successful and growing in market share across Canada.

●The iconic Tim Hortons is another example of a very successful CVP. Timmies offers its customers a reasonably priced cup of coffee with the speed and convenience of a drive-through and an ongoing satisfaction guarantee. Their now universally recognized Roll up the Rim to Win promotional campaign is the ultimate CVP and has solidified their position as the leading coffee provider in Canada.

How can we in library land create that Customer Value Proposition?

●Start by posing questions about the convenience of using the library and its quality of service to the board, customers and staff, then compare the responses. Are there some common issues that could be solved by streamlining procedures?

●Truly understand why customers come to the library and understand that their opinions are constantly changing. As a result, we need to be constantly changing. At GPL we are continually talking and listening to our customers with online and in-house user satisfaction surveys.

●Actively explore how we can make library usage more convenient and faster….which at GPL requires us to be constantly streamlining and making procedures easier and more transparent for our customers. It’s all about them not us!

●When we ask customers “what else can we do to help you today?” we need to have the courage of our convictions to listen and then follow through.

A successful Customer Value Proposition is an ongoing dialogue that builds the trusted library brand and empowers the customer to return again and again and again.

Have a swell week!

Kitty Pope                                                                                              #30 July2013



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