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I ♥ Nordstrom’s! #29: 2013

Posted in on a + note by flickfancy on July 22, 2013

kitty#29Since humble beginnings in 1901, the Seattle department store Nordstrom has been known for two things: an amazing shoe department and great customer service. So I was thrilled to learn last week that they are coming to Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary and Vancouver in 2014.

In announcing the expansion, Karen McKibbin, President of Nordstrom Canada said “We live and die with our sales people. To the customer they are the Nordstrom brand”.

To support superior customer service, Nordstrom typically reviews over 400 candidates for every commission sales position. And no wonder – over 100 of their top sales people earn $100,000+ annually.  They hire people who are passionate about sales and can up-sell the product without annoying the customer. Nordstrom’s staff is not aggressive or in your face; they are just very skilled at helping the customer and they understand the sales dynamic. If you have ever had the pleasure of buying a pair of shoes at Nordstrom’s, you know exactly what I mean. The Nordstrom staff is their success story.

As I pondered this news, I was thinking about how the Nordstrom service model could apply to library land.

►when was the last time we hired circulation staff with retail experience who really know how to sell a product?

►when was the last time we taught staff how to up-sell, meaning to say to a customer “if you liked that book, you will really enjoy this book” or “we also have that title loaded onto an eBook reader if you would like to try one”?

►when was the last time your library recognized great customer service with a staff award or a thank you?

We can learn much from Nordstrom, and soon they will be in Canada!   Yahooooo

Have a great week.

Kitty Pope                                                                                                     #29 July 2013


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