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The role of colour in marketing. #25: 2013.

Posted in on a + note by flickfancy on June 24, 2013

As a librarian, I am always interested in how and why colour affects the customer interaction and their reading decisions.

The Role of Colour in Marketing’ is a great blog post on by Pam Dyer which talks about how using the right colors can increase brand recognition and drive purchasing. I spent some time on her Colour Emotion Guide (pictured below) figuring out where various library logos fit and what they subliminally say about the organization.

color emotion guide



Hopefully, the Guelph Public Library logo (left) engenders growth, trust and confidence in the minds of our customers.



Below are a few other really interesting logos to consider and dissect just for fun!

Pam Dyer’s article is a great read……….hope you enjoy it too!

Kitty Pope                                                                                                    #25 June 2013


epl logo

grand rapids logomid continent logothunder bay logo ela logocpl logo stratford logotpl logodarien logo


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  1. Mary Maw said,

    This is so true. Two years ago, Caledon Public Library re-branded ourselves and embraced the colour philosophy. We have a 6 colour pallet that we use in all our marketing. Our signature swoosh or 6 colours line has become recognizable in our community and appears in all our marketing materials. Our new logo was designed so that we can change the words “public library” to one of the six colours depending on where and how we are using the logo. In addition we have the ability to add clip art to the logo that enhances the colour scheme we are using. For example on Canada Day the words “public library” were red and we added a Canada flag to our logo. You can see more on our website @ http://www.caledon.library.on.ca

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