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When do you know it’s time to leave? #23: 2013

Posted in on a + note by flickfancy on June 10, 2013

kitty#23As an employee or volunteer, when do you know it’s time to move on? A tricky but interesting question I’ve been pondering lately. The obvious answers are:

●when the band stops playing

●when the bar closes

●when the hostess goes to bed!

But in the work environment, it’s a bit more complex. Here are a few clues:

►when you are saying ‘no’ more than ‘yes’

►when you are no longer passionate about what the organization is doing

►when you dread going to work or attending another event

►when you are bored, don’t like the work, or your co-workers

The average Canadian employee stays in a job 10-12 years. For library workers on average it is even longer. At GPL, the average employee has worked for us for over 15 years. So why do library workers change jobs less often?

●Over 75% of library workers are female and often are geographically tied to a community for a wide variety of reasons.

●Library work is never boring, just look at a busy info or circulation desk and you know exactly what I mean! It is constantly changing and for many library employees this is what keeps them coming back and not looking for another job.

●Working with the public (if you like it), is interesting and fun!

●In most cases, library staff are treated well by our customers, by their supervisors and by the board.

●For many library workers, their peers become part of their extended family; we work a variety of shifts and most libraries have a team environment that builds community and peer engagement.

●Libraries are learning organizations and as such, library workers are always learning new stuff, whether it’s a new piece of technology or the answer to a reference question. For the inquisitive, library work is very satisfying.

●The personal satisfaction of “doing good” feeds job satisfaction and satisfied employees stick around. In libraryland this maybe the number one reason our staff stay with us longer. When I polled the GPL staff about longevity, this was their number one reason for sticking around. Simply put, they like the work and believe they are making Guelph, Ontario a better place to live.

Kitty Pope                                                                                           #23 June 2013




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  1. Is it always a choice? I’d love to move onward and upward from my library role but can’t get another job! I guess if you move into a career without much movement, when you do want to move you can be at a disadvantage.

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