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What smart folks know. #1: 2013

Posted in on a + note by flickfancy on January 7, 2013

kitty #48As 2013 begins to unfold and I am in a New Year’s Resolution frame of mind, and pondering what makes smart folks even smarter? What skills do they practice that keeps them engaged, relevant and moving to the next level?  This is what I have found out so far.

1. Quiet Your Inner Voice… Smart folks focus less on what their brain has to say and more on what the speaker in front of them has to say. Or as Oprah would say “live in the moment.”

2. “What to Leave In and What to Leave Out”…. Smart folks are constantly figuring out what to stop doing so they can embrace new, innovative and yes, better service models. The whole concept of innovation and survival is predicated on this concept.

3. Ask Questions … Asking questions opens you up to options and alternate ideas…which are the foundations of a good decision and true wisdom.  It also tells folks you are engaged and that it is OK to change your mind. Smart folks know when to switch quarterbacks!

4. Be Curious. Read Big… The next time you are listening to a conversation, write down three relevant questions. The action of thinking up questions will help encode the concepts in your brain and push the dialogue forward. Being curious is a skill smart folks embrace.

5. Find the Kernel of Truth… Sometimes the facts get lost in a swirl of time and space! In every complex report or conversation there are a few basic facts. Even if you don’t buy into the idea, smart folks identify the basic facts and build from there.

6. Always Have Plan B… Smart folks always have plan B, C and even D. Without options you are cornered and your decisions will be less than stellar. The smart girl always has plan B!

7. Know Your Stuff… Nothing erodes credibility and confidence more than not knowing your business, how you are performing and what the next steps are. Smart folks know their stuff.

8. Smile… Smart folks know that a smile and a thank you are the two most powerful assets when engaging the customer. It is the confident, smart manager that uses a smile and a thank you.

What makes smart folks even smarter? Quiet your inner voice, know when to move on, ask questions, be curious, always have plan B, know your stuff and finally smile and say thank you.

Here’s to all of us being a bit smarter this year!  lol

Have a great week.

Kitty Pope                                                                                              #1 January 2013



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  1. Katie Saunders said,

    Wise advice indeed!


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