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The 10 worst and 10 best gifts. #46: 2012

Posted in on a + note by flickfancy on December 24, 2012

Over the weekend I found myself thinking about holiday shopping and some of the great and well, not so great gifts I have received over the years.


Let’s start with the not so great ones!!  lol

10. As a teenage I especially hated the pile of dollar store items…you know the waxy orange lipstick…the only person who like them was the dog..he ate both tubes!

9. A photo of yourself…really?

8. Self improvement books especially the diet or the “100 Great Abdominal Exercises” book. At Christmas these books are just depressing and remind you of what lies ahead.

7. Sexy lingerie are simply not a good holiday gift. If you want to give your sweetie a negligee, save this gift for Valentine’s Day. That rule also applies to giving intimate apparel…unwrapping underpants in front of the family may not be the best gift ever.

6. And, that also goes for shoes and boots. Unless the recipient has picked them out themselves, they are way too tricky to give! However, if shoes or new red boots are on her Christmas List, a gift certificate is the way to go.

5. Re-gifting. Although on many levels this maybe a good idea, the gift must; really suit the recipient, be rewrapped and not given to the person who gave it to you in the first place!!

4. Free stuff…many stores give away freebies with a purchase…tempting as this maybe they are instantly recognizable and scream you are cheap. However, I do make an exception for the Clinique Bonus Days gift…their mascara makes a great stocking stuffer that my nieces really like, and who can blame them!

3. Anything with a cord. I know you may not agree with me, but a stove or a curling iron is not my idea of a great holiday gift.

2. A Christmas sweaters…they are just bad. If you really like it…you wear it!

1. And the very worst holiday present ever is a puppy. The holidays are not the time, and a pet is a very personal commitment not suitable for gift giving. An IOU to rescue a pet, is a great present…but a puppy on Christmas morning is not a good idea.

Now on to the ten BEST gifts ever:

10. Fruitcake. Yes, I know I can hear you saying “really Kitty, you are delusional! “ But, as a closet fruitcake maker, I have to say a homemade fruitcake full of fruit and booze is really a wonderful gift. The only caveat is…the recipient has to be a fruitcake lover. Dark to light, tropical or Brazilian, you need to know this, to make the much maligned fruitcake a great gift!!

9. A photo of your grandma, your co workers new grand baby or friends dog is a wonderful,  personalized gift that will be cherished because, you were thoughtful and made it personal.

8. Of course you knew I’d say a cookbook makes a great gift for the cooks and want-to-be cooks on your holiday list.  My favorite this year is the latest from the amazing Ina Garten, Barefoot Contessa: Foolproof 

7. A recycled/used book. With the fabulous Friends of the GPL annual book sale in my community, a stack of appropriate, gently used books is an awesome gift. From the funny History of False Teeth,  to a tiny book  of 50 Authentic Shortbread Recipes a used books sale is a golden opportunity to purchase an armload of great presents and stocking stuffers plus support a great cause all at once.

6. A gift certificate. Yes, times have changed.  A thoughtful, non expiring gift card to a bookstore, a favorite coffee shop, a pedicure or theatre is a thoughtful, personal gift. and perfect for those hard to buy for folks.

5. A handmade gift…from cookies to a piece of art, a gift made by human hands is always a wonderful present.

4. An IOU gift of time, like the promise of shoveling the driveway for all of January, teaching your auntie how to use  www.ancestry.com  ,  baking cookies with the neighbour kids or taking the grand kids on your daughter and son-in-laws anniversary weekend…is a thoughtful, personal and very appreciated gift.

3. The gift of fun. From a humorous book to swimming lessons or tickets to a comedy theater the gift of laughter is a wonderful, thoughtful and life affirming gift.

2. Chocolate, chocolate and did I say chocolate.

1. But, in my mind, the very best holiday gift ever is an IOU to adopt an abandoned or abused pet from a shelter. When the time is right, what a wonderful gift to: the family, a friend…or yourself.  The above photo is of a young abandoned cairn terrier being adopted through Cairn Rescue USA. It is one of my all time favorite photos!

Happy holidays and may all of your gifts be on the second list!

Kitty Pope                                                                                           #46 December 2012 kpope@library.guelph.on.ca


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  1. Ross D Gibbons said,

    Dear Kitty: The best gift one could ever get is an Olde English Sheepdog…..I spoke with Audrey and Willy and Judy Beth and Peter yesterday (a sad occasion, the celebration of my younger brother Paul’s life)….your name came up many times (all of them positive…LOL) as Judy and Audrey and I talked about Zoe and Obi Juan Knobi aka Woof. I am now on my fourth Olde English a delightful dog named Owen (after the great city of Owen Sound)…he has his own fans here in my apartment building so much so that a lady I had never seen in my life got on the elevator looked at us and said ‘Oh, you must be Owen!’ I love reading your blogs and borrow from them frequently for my public admin classes. Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas! Your wonderful gift of Woof to me has kept on giving Ross

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