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Libraries need to be multi-channeled. #45: 2012

Posted in on a + note by flickfancy on December 17, 2012

kitty#45A few weeks ago I was listening to a radio interview as I made cookies. The interviewee was talking about how in 2012, the under 30 year olds are accessing the same information via at least 2 different communication channels.  For example, they are watching television and cruising the internet, texting and tweeting all at the same time.

Q. So, why use so many communication channels?

A. Raised in the midst of the digital wave and completely “normalized” by digital technologies the under 30 folks are simultaneously using a wide variety of communication channels to;

►create new things in new ways

► learn new things in new ways and

►communicate in new ways with new people.

They are redefining knowledge gathering and the speed at which we collect, repurpose and disseminate information.

Social networking technology has suffered the same public relations hurdles that all new technologies do.  Many of the over 30 crowd (me included) initially viewed social networking and new communication channels as frivolous or at least a time waster. However, there are many examples of these new technologies demonstrating their educational value as they convey concepts in new ways that would otherwise not be possible. These technologies teach the old stuff in new ways and teach new stuff in new ways. They communicate across all boundaries and truly create the “global village” that is accessible,  open and yup…easy!.

So what does all this tell us in library land?

►Libraries and librarians need to embrace all the communication channels to reach new and un-tapped communities of potential customers. This is a matter of basic survival in 2013!!

►Answering:  “who is the target market”? question with every piece of communication will help decide what channel to use. If it’s a seniors program Twitter may not be the best communication channel to use.

We need to be multi channeled.

Have a swell week……

Kitty Pope                                                                                           #45 December 2012



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