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Fly boarding and CEO’s. #41: 2012

Posted in on a + note by flickfancy on November 19, 2012

When a friend sent me a flyboarding video of the Zapata Racing Team, I initially just was amused and a bit curious. How do they do that?

A little research told me that flyboarding is a hot, new extreme sport that combines a jet ski and a jet pack and allows the crazy participant to soar above the waves or dive into the water like a pelican…have a look.

No surprise that it’s a big trend in France and Australia. (I have noticed so far there seems to be very few female flyboarders, but that may be a whole different conversation!)

With a second viewing of the six minute video, I began to ask myself what do flyboarders and innovative library leaders have in common? Here are a few parallels…

►They both have to be courageous and a bit crazy to act like a pelican or a CEO!

►They both are risk takers, calculating the risk and the benefits, measuring the ROI on everything they do, and then having the courage of their convictions to just leap!

►They are both thrill seekers. They love the adrenaline rush of accomplishing something that seems to be impossible, whether it be replicating a dolphin or organizing a successful library golf tournament!

►They both like testing the limits. Flyboarders contemplate how deep they can dive with one breath. Library leaders question whether the community will embrace a speed dating book club, advertising on the library website, or the library coffee shop.

►Being a flyboarder or an innovative CEO comes at a cost. Flyboards cost about $12,000 and require access to an open body of (preferably shark-free) water.  But, an innovative library leader…priceless!  LOL

Have a great day…and soar like a pelican!

Kitty Pope                                                                                          #41 November 2012



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