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Your success is equal to your thank you’s. #31: 2012

Posted in on a + note by flickfancy on September 10, 2012

We all say thank you to friends, peers, and the public on a regular basis as part of our daily library interactions. For most of us, it is done without thinking. We take the expression of gratitude for granted, and it is part of basic social convention. Saying thanks is also very Canadian! We will say thank you as a salutation, for a kindness, and as a departing phrase. We Canadians are “thankers!”

Interestingly, gratitude shifts our focus from the negative to the positive. In addition, psychological research has shown surprising life improvements as a result of expressing gratitude. Giving thanks strengthens relationships, improves health, and reduces stress, and makes people happier and more resilient.

► reduces stress and confrontation.
► is life affirming and a feel good exercise.
► reduces negativity in your life by getting rid of the no’s.
► opens the door to “yep,” “sure,” and “I’d be pleased to,” all things we love to hear in libraryland!
► recharges you emotionally.

How can gratitude affect libraryland? I truly believe the success of a library is directly proportional to their thank you’s! We may think we say thank you a lot, but unless there is a conscious and ongoing “thank you dialogue,” it gets lost or forgotten in our busy days.

How does your library thank its customers, supporters, board members, volunteers, and staff? For example, how do you regularly thank…

Customers? It can be as simple free coffee and a staff member inviting customers to have a cup on us. Not only is it simple, it is very effective.

Supporters? How about sending a special invitation to a library program or granting them a sneak peek at a new facility? It is not about spending money; it is about the thoughtfulness of gratitude.

Board members? Does you library thank your board members who give of their time every month to make the tough decisions? A plate of cookies at the next meeting is a great way to start that gratitude dialogue.

Volunteers? Do you have an annual Volunteer Appreciation event? It can be as simple as a picnic or a card. It is the thought and the recognition of their contribution to the library that counts.

Staff? Thank you’s can take many forms, from a parking lot breakfast or a free bus pass to a simple email or a formal letter from the Library Board. However you choose to thank the staff, it needs to be authentic and sincere. It is all about the thought, not about the money.

Remember, your personal success and the success of your library are proportional to your thank you’s. Thanks for tuning in, and have a great week!

Kitty Pope                                                                                          #31 September 2012



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