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Squirrels make good information librarians! #20: 2012

Posted in on a + note by Admin on June 25, 2012

Having been home the last week on vacation and gardening, I’ve had the opportunity to watch a whole tribe of black and gray tree squirrels who live, play, and eat in my back yard.

It has been quite an education, and my conclusion is that information/reference librarians and squirrels have a lot in common.

Canadian tree squirrels are:

► Extremely industrious. Morning, noon, and early evening, they are on the job, just like reference librarians (although we usually need coffee in the morning!).

► Inquisitive. There is not a garden glade or tool shed that they will not investigate. For information librarians, being inquisitive is one of their greatest assets.

► Gregarious. They travel in packs and seem to enjoy a good wrestling match or a group sunbath high up in the walnut trees. If you have ever seen a group of Info librarians at a conference, you know this to be true.

► Team players. Especially when teasing a magpie or blue jay or helping with a difficult reference question, we combine our powers to accomplish the task at hand.

► Authentic. Squirrels and reference librarian are the real deal, no divas here.

►Passionate. You can just tell that both groups love what they do.

► Informed about nutrition. They both eat their vegetables…usually.

► Smart. Both groups know enough to hibernate and sleep during the cold Canadian winter.


However, perhaps the most common link between squirrels and information librarians is that they both like nuts!  lol


Have a great week.


Kitty Pope                                                                                                    #20 June 2012



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