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The public library in the online world. #13:2012

Posted in on a + note by Admin on May 7, 2012

Libraries need to create an online presence that is visible, popular, actually useful, and relevant. This is very simple to say, but much more difficult to do.  What we need to understand and apply in the online world is:


  • Offering customers current, usable information is crucial in building customer loyalty and getting folks into the library  According to the 2010 Search Engine Insight Study, more than75% of potential customers learn more about a product after seeing it elsewhere (like on TV, in a magazine, or in the coffee room).
  • How search engines classify information and use keywords is essential to driving more traffic to the library website. Check out Google Adwords Keyword Tool (https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal), a free website keyword search tool, or Ezine Articles (http://ezinearticles.com/), a free article subscription service to promote your blog.
  • When enhancing our online presence, simple is best; don’t make it too convoluted.
  • Content is king, and we certainly have the content. Our issue is how to keep the content fresh and interesting. This is where blogging and online videos will be a great help.
    • Blogging allows customers to keep up with what’s happening and to learn about new library resources and programs. At GPL, we are developing blogs about movies and books, parenting resources, All Guelph, new titles, great Canadian titles, and packing your bags. The blogs will be written by teams of staff members, each posting at least once per week. They will be launched in early summer as we roll out our new website. Blogger (www.blogger.com) from Google is an easy place to start. But, as you know, my favorite is WordPress (www.wordpress.org), a complete web platform perfect for the techno-challenged like me. To track what is popular, check out the search engine that indexes and tracks millions of blogs, Technorati, at www.technorati.com .
    • Videos allow customers a chance to see and hear the library before they ever come through the front door.For example:  




            And, for fun, check out some of the funniest library videos…



The online world in which we find ourselves offers us so many new and exciting opportunities, and they are there for us to exploring!


It’s truly the best time to be a librarian!


Have a great week!


Kitty Pope                                                                                           #13 May 2012




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