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Riding off in all directions…#8:2012

Posted in on a + note by Admin on April 2, 2012

Sid Lee (SL) is an innovative Montreal marketing agency with an impressive client list that includes Cirque du Soleil (which likes SL so much that they own a piece of the business). Check out their latest award: the 2011 Agency of the Year (which it’s won for the third year in a row).
Sid Lee currently is working on two major rebranding projects that I have been watching with interest.

  • Rona Inc., a huge hardware chain with declining sales per square foot, has turned to SL for assistance testing digital marketing to improve the bottom line. With an amazing 8 out of 10 Canadians doing home renovation research on the Internet before heading to the hardware store, it seems like a good idea to go where the home renovators are going – online – to increase market share.
  • When Canadian Tire acquired the huge Sport Check brand, they simultaneously hired SL to guide the merging of the two corporate cultures and create a unique identity for the new product line. Instead of instantly developing a rebranding campaign, like most marketing companies would, SL started talking to the iconic hardware giant about their growth objectives and strategic plan. Sid started with the business case, not the rebranding. Sound familiar?

Like many libraries struggling to recreate themselves in the brave new world of 2012, we need to start with the business case. What are the library’s growth objectives? Where is it headed? With the business case firmly in hand, charting how to get there with an innovative tech savvy marketing plan seems well within reach.

This whole discussion reminds me of one of my all-time favorite Canadian humorists, Stephen Leacock (1869-1944), who once wrote:

            “…he flung himself upon his horse and road madly off in all directions…”

Happy trails!


Kitty Pope                                                                                                     #8 April 2012



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