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Too many books, too little time! #1: 2012

Posted in on a + note by Admin on February 13, 2012


Quite often, I am asked by customers, peers and my friends what I am reading. This last week, I read two really interesting books that I just have to share!          


Just My Type by Simon Garfield 

Suddenly, everyone’s obsessed with fonts. From the type used on street signs and album covers to the print style and size we use in business reports or love letters, we are fascinated by their variety and the subliminal messages they send.  Who knew there is a whole psychology behind the font you choose? For example, don’t use Courier unless you want to look like a nerd or French Script unless you want to look like a sex kitten! Garfield also explores the impact that corporations, such as Microsoft and Lexmark, have on our font choices.  Just My Type also explores how the fonts on road signs and packaging are tested for legibility and what the fonts used in political campaigns subliminally communicate about candidates. According to Garfield the worst, most unpopular, and most illegible fonts include Comic Sans, Times New Roman, Gill, Curtz. The favourite, most used, and most visible fonts include Verdana, and my favourite, Arial (12 pt, of course). Who knew that we are so passionate about the font we choose from that little drop down box? Who knew that a book about fonts could be so fascinating? Have a listen as the author talks about the whole process and why it is of interest to us in library land.  http://www.guardian.co.uk/books/video/2010/oct/17/typography


Nonprofit Marketing: Marketing Management for Charitable and Nongovernmental Organizations by Wymer, Knowles and Gomes


Although this is, in all honesty, a university marketing textbook, it is truly the best resource out there addressing the new world of marketing for nonprofits like the library. In the dedication, authors Knowles and Wymer say

“To people around the world who need help, from nonprofits to current nonprofit leaders who need help and support in doing their job…”

From discussions about board engagement in fundraising and the practicalities of pricing a sell trough item to push and direct marketing trends, this is a great read. There is an excellent chapter on public behaviours and social media marketing which is the new frontier for library land. This great book is worthy of being in every library marketing department and on ever CEOs must read list!

Now, I am on to Paul Theroux’s new title Murder in Mount Holly. Too many books, too little time!

Kitty Pope                                                                                               #1 February 2012


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