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Why I love being a librarian! #24: 2011

Posted in on a + note by Admin on July 25, 2011

Last week I was reminded twice in one day exactly why I love being a librarian.


Early in the morning of the hottest day of the year (+37) 66 kids and her Worship the Mayor of Guelph were at the library for an early morning story time. Standing in front of me in the program room were two sisters. The older, in her all knowing “big sister voice” announced to her younger sister, in the blue flowered dress. “That is the Queen of Guelph”.

I smiled, lent down and asked if they would like to meet Mayor Farbridge.

As you can see from the photo, the rest is history… three really happy customers!

I returned to my office, and there was an email from the GPL Friends Group Chairwomen offing ten cases of bottled water to give to our customers on this hottest of days. As the day went on, more and more heat weary folks rolled into GPL and staff happily offered them bottles of water and a place to cool down. Our seats were full with seniors lingering over a second newspaper, teenagers sprawled on the floor with a comic book and moms with babies happily sleeping in the coolness of our living room.

But wait, the story gets even better!

As I was getting ready to leave for the day, a customer asked to speak with me. Ann, a regular library customer thanked me for the water and then made a phone call to her boss at Nestlé Waters who offered GPL an additional ten cases of water.

Amazed but in my best “librarian voice” I thanked Ann, walked to my steamy car and had a wee melt down!

It is days like this that remind me of why I truly love being a librarian. It is community leaders who truly understand the positive impact public libraries make every single day on the communities they serve.  It is the GPL Friends Group who, with a “seed” of kindness grew an avalanche of good will. It is the customer who enabled us to really make a difference  to our customers in need on a very hot summer day.  And, it is the staff that on an exhaustingly hot, busy day went beyond our customers’ expectations.

As one staffer said “It was the whoo you really do care about us look on their face as we offered them a bottle of water that made it all worthwhile”!

For all those reasons and many many more, I love being a librarian and I love being a librarian in Guelph!!

Stay cool, keep hydrated and have a swell week!

kpope@library.guelph.on.ca                                                                      #24A July 2011


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  1. Jacqueline said,

    Working in libraries, be they special, academic, or public is certainly a priviledge. Firstly, being amongst information of all types and formats is exhilerating.

    Collection development, analyzing the collections, and determining future materials is an interesting and for me, enjoyable task. Even the dreaded weeding is enjoyable (I’m such a nerd) and most necessary.

    However, having the chance to work with others, serve others, find their information needs, and supply them with relevant, enjoyable materials is the best part of working in a library. But then, I am a public services type of gal.

    Thanks for being such an accessible, friendly, and approchable Chief Librarian.

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