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Congratulations Genna! #19: 2011

Posted in on a + note by Admin on June 21, 2011

Several weeks ago I had the great pleasure of hearing the effervescent Dr. Ken Haycock speak at the San Jose State University SLIS convocation. I was there to attend a Faculty Institute but also to fulfill a promise I made four years ago. The promise was something like, Genna you graduate from library school and I will be there to cheer as you walk across the stage. Well Genna did it and so I was thrilled to live up to my promise and be there. It was a great weekend: California, friends and lots of celebrating

Amongst all the wise and witty words Dr. Haycock shared with the over 700 library school graduates (yup…not a typo, the largest library school graduating class in the world!!!) were two ideas that have resonated with me. Ken said:

  1. “Continue to demonstrate that we truly make a difference”.


He didn’t simply say “make a difference” a phrase we all say, but rather he encouraged graduates to focus on the measureable actions that embrace change and empower an organization.  He spoke eloquently about demonstrating every single day how we can make our communities better.  He went on to say that making a real difference is not a one shot deal or a one hit wonder, but rather this should be our theme song, sung again, and again and again. It is our actions that will speak louder than our words.

Not bad advice for us all.


  1. Haycock also said  “Do you know that the largest employer of new librarians in 2011 is not libraries, but rather it is library vendors.”


I was shocked, how could that be?  But, think of all the librarians now employed by Google, Microsoft, RIM and OCLC.  The library and information science graduates of 2011 will be working in the corporate world of information retrieval, innovation and corporate organization. Why does the business community want MLIS graduates, because, they have the practical skills that will move their corporations ahead. I think this is great news for us all.


If you ever have the opportunity to hear Dr. Ken Haycock speak (with that great Canadian accent) don’t miss it. And, congrats Genna, library land is in good hands because of you and your cohorts.

Live long and prosper in library land!!

Kitty Pope                                                                                                    #19 June 2011



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