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The Start Doing List #46: 2010

Posted in on a + note by Admin on December 27, 2010

The Start Doing List
I am sure it comes as no surprise that, having written the “Keep Doing List” last week, I can’t resist writing a list of things that I should do in 2011. I hesitate to call them New Year’s resolutions or plans to improve the universe. Rather, they are simple goals to improve my world and make me a better contributor. In 2011, I plan to:
7. Listen better. It is the wise leader that knows when to shut up and listen.
6. Say “thank you” and “you are appreciated” more often to my co-workers, peers, friends, and especially my family.
5. Stop interrupting. This has been on my list for years, but maybe this time I can actually “dial it down” and not jump in halfway through the story!
4. Read more. 2010 was such a frenetic year that reading was low on my “to do” list. However, with a new year and a whole new library to explore, I am back at it. So many cookbooks, so little time!
3. Be more patient. For a notoriously impatient Boomer like me, this is huge. I am committed to working on taking a breath, standing back, and counting to ten. Whatever it takes to be more patient, I am committed!
2. Be a better friend. Through the thick and thin of 2010, my friends have gone above and beyond to help, support, and encourage me. In 2011, I plan to be a better friend to each and every one of them and to be there when they need me (and even when they don’t)!
1. Walk the dog more and to stop and smell the roses!
2010 has been quite a year. From the lows of losing my beloved Welsh Terrier Bill and saying goodbye to ALS to the highs of a new job and a new community, it will go down in my book as the “roller coaster ride year,” filled with ups and downs and crazy loops and turns.
To all of you who read On a + Note every Monday morning, thank you so much. I wish you, your library, and your family the very best New Year filled with fun, adventure and challenge. It’s good to be a librarian!
Kitty Pope #46 December/10


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  1. Carmela Calenda said,

    Great goals Kitty. Very much like myself. Goals that we can certainly attain without getting immensly disappointed!
    Have a wonderful new year!

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