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Looking for a job #44: 2010

Posted in on a + note by Admin on December 13, 2010

Finding a job in 2010 is a rollercoaster ride. Things I learned on the ride include:

  • You need to know a lot about the organization before you decide to apply. Do your homework.
  • There are few things in life that need to be perfect, but your resume is one of them. There is no room for typos, spelling mistakes, or out-of-date phone numbers on your resume.
  • Be prepared for employers to look at everything.  There are no secrets in this brave new world in which we live. Be honest and tell them the whole story.
  • Keep your references in the loop; they need to know what’s going on if they are to speak on your behalf. They are your people and your team!
  • You can predict 75% of the questions they are going to ask you. 

Tell us about your career.  Why do you want the job? What do you know about us? What are your strengths/weaknesses? What are you proudest of and why? What are the hottest trends/challenges/barriers? What is your philosophy of librarianship/customer service?

Practice your answers, so you just have to worry about the other 25%!

  • Competition is fierce in libraryland. For every open job, there are now double, if not triple, the number of applicants. How do you stand out from the crowd?
    • Write yourself a two-page “Why me?” document that clearly identifies why you are the best candidate. It will help you frame your thoughts before, during, and after the interview. I was amazed at how helpful this was.
    • Put a photo on your resume. Yes, I know you hate this idea, but honestly, it will significantly improve your chance of getting an interview.

Looking for a job in 2010 is all about keeping up your courage while riding the rollercoaster! It is loads of work, but at the same time, challenging and empowering.

If you are on the hunt for that next great job, I wish you happy hunting. There is a soft landing out there! Being a librarian is still the very best job in the free world (and not-so-free world, I suspect)!

Kitty Pope                                                                                                      #44 December /10

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  1. Kate McCaffrey said,

    Great advice Kitty, especially about the photo. I’ve been filling positions, and the resumes with photos really stand out. And a really good cover letter is still important too.

    Best of luck in your new position,


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