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Why do folks choose a book? Part 3 – #34: 2010

Posted in on a + note by kendal0 on October 4, 2010

What is the number one reason a person selects a book? A recommendation from someone you know has the most impact on your selection process. Yep…personal recommendations are the most powerful motivator. Why? It’s simply human nature; if the recommender has similar reading tastes, is known to the reader, or is well-regarded, it is a good indicator that you will read the title, as well. Sure, talking with friends and casual discussion is one way recommendations are shared. But, in the electronic age, you can also turn to the Internet for reading suggestions.

Sites to help you decide what book to read next

  • WhichBook.netis a UK site which allows you to discover books based on your mood. It’s an interesting idea…
  • At What Should I Read Next?, type in an author and title, and this site will provide you with a list of books that you might like.
  • LibraryThing is best known for cataloging your books, but also is a huge online book club

Library blogs

Have a look at some great library book recommendation sites:

· The Charlotte Mecklenburg portal for adult/teen reading is my favorite!

· For Canadian readers, there are none better than Andrew Armitage’s recommendations.

· Shelf Talk provides online book reviews from Seattle Public Library.

· From the second largest library in the world, have a look at Toronto Public Library’s Book Buzz.

· At Chicago Public Library, they have combined book clubs, staff recommendations, recent acquisitions, movies, and author events into one portal. It is slick!

In summary, we read what we read because a friend or someone we know or respect has recommended it to us. It all comes down to that powerful one-on-one interaction which we in library land do so well!

Kitty Pope
kpope @ alliancelibrarysystem.com #34 October/10


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