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#29 2010, You’ll know it when you see it!

Posted in on a + note by kendal0 on August 30, 2010

For our summer vacation, we went to Memphis to visit Elvis! I’ve always wanted to see Graceland, so on the hottest day of the year (103°F+), we got up early and headed down to Elvis Presley Boulevard. On the way, we stopped at Iron Skillet #11 for a quick breakfast and there met Sciara, the face of great customer service!

With her huge smile and wonderful southern accent, “Whoop Whoop,” as her friends call her, welcomed us to the diner with a quick review of the menu and an immediate cup of piping hot coffee. What a great lesson for libraries! How many of us welcome each customer and give them a quick overview of our services? At Iron Skillet #11, they make a connection with each person who comes through their doors; it guarantees return customers. And, return customers are what a successful business is built upon.

Many libraries focus on the one-time user. While all of our customers deserve attention, we should really focus our energies into transforming the occasional user into a regular customer. We should be encouraging folks who are already borrowing one book several times a year to develop a weekly library habit and borrow several books and CDs every week. Library success is tied directly to customer loyalty and growing the occasional user into a loyal weekly customer.

Also, how many of us have a catchy tagline to make our customers’ library experience memorable? Well, at Iron Skillet #11, Sciara sings everyday to all of her customers…

“Welcome to the Iron Skillet, where the price is right, and the food is filling!”

It may sound a bit kitschy, but weeks later, I am still smiling as I remember our breakfast at the Iron Skillet. That’s great marketing. So, now I am thinking about great welcoming taglines library staff could use.

“Welcome to the Funville Public Library, where the computers are hot, and the staff is willing!

Okay, maybe not exactly that one but, do you have any taglines you’d like to share?

Just email me your taglines and I will share them with the 7,000 + On a + note readers.

Kitty Pope
kpope @ alliancelibrarysystem.com #29 August 2010


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