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#21 2010, What I Learned at Library School

Posted in on a + note by kendal0 on July 5, 2010

What I learned at library school

Well, I am happy to report I survived my first commencement speech last month. It was nerve-racking. Would I say the right things? Would the audience laugh? Would I light a fire in the bellies of those new grads to become the very best librarians ever? Yes is the simple answer! Of that, I am confident, because I learned so much more from them than I am sure they ever learned from me! For example, I learned:

· It really is all about technology! As I looked out on a sea of mortarboards, they were texting, tweeting, and emailing photos. We also were being streamed live on the web to grads around the world who participated remotely in their own graduation. These graduates’ comfort and use of technology as an appendage to their very existence is going to revolutionize librarianship. This is a very good thing!

· Playaway is the most remarkable company I have ever known. The response from grads when I gave each one of them a copy of Greg Mortenson’s Stones into Schools wasnothing short of awesome. This company understands the power of being a great partner and the power of librarians. Thanks Playaway; you are the best!

· The Graduate School of Library and Information Science (GSLIS) faculty and staff are simply amazing! They truly are dedicated to library science education and to empowering lifelong learning. Their looks of great joy as graduates crossed the stage were unmistakable. It’s easy to complain about what library schools are not teaching, but what they are teaching is really important to our very survival. Thanks GSLIS; you are doing a great job to ensure that library services will keep pace with the customer and that universal access is not a privilege but a necessity.

· Finally, I am pleased to report that the new crop of library school graduates is beyond incredible. The library community is in good hands with the next generation of library leaders. They are committed, passionate, and engaged. They really comprehend what it is to live in the moment! I wish I had been that together when I graduated!!

Thanks for all your words of wisdom as I crafted my commencement speech. I hope our combined wisdom sent the graduating class into library land with the passion we all share for making a difference every day. Have a swell week.

Kitty Pope
kpope @ alliancelibrarysystem.com #21 July/2010

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  1. Kate said,

    I absolutely agree! For the past four weeks I’ve had the pleasure of working with three interns from the iSchool at Syracuse University. They’re fabulous – focused and eager to learn; with a combination of sophisticated skills and youthful energy. They make me feel very optimistic about the future of our profession.


  2. Elaine Hicks said,

    Thanks for a great, uplifting commencement speech, Kitty. I have your “Top Nine” list taped to my computer. I especially like your point to “Say ‘Yes’ every chance you get”. Too many people define the problem by what can’t be done.

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