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#17 2010, Life’s Little Rules

Posted in on a + note by kendal0 on June 7, 2010

Life’s Little Rules…from a sunny deck

In these challenging days we are all searching for some kind of direction. Some sign that we are going to get through this mess and come out the other side a better, stronger person. We are all looking for the answer. How would I handle a big budget cut? What would I do if my husband got laid off? How can I make my kids more accountable for their actions? How can I make my community a better place to live?

Faced with these huge issues we are all looking for guidelines, direction, even inspiration to help us navigate these troubled waters. As I was walking Diefenbaker yesterday, I was thinking about signs and, like any good librarian I started making a list of life’s little rules, for example…….

  1. Ask questions and be inquisitive. There is always more than one side to every story and more than one solution to every problem.
  2. Trust your gut feelings but when you don’t know what to do, have the courage to sit still and listen, the answer will come!
  3. Have the courage to say “yes” and the strength to hear “no”.
  4. Take calculated risks; it’s what makes life interesting and moves us ahead
  5. Listen and read, you do not have all the answers!
  6. Live a life filled with innovation and new ideas…it will keep you young!
  7. Anticipate good intentions from everyone you meet. 99% of people truly have the best of intentions at heart, so start from there.
  8. Always promise 2 inches farther than you think you can reach…that’s how you grow and learn, by pushing yourself.
  9. It’s all about passion. Your success, at the library and personally is directly proportional to your commitment…it’s all about passion!!!!
  10. Family and friends really matter. It is why most of us do what we do, so be sure they are at the centre of your life.

and finally…

  1. Smile and enjoy the adventure. We will find our way through these tough times and we will be all the stronger.

I share these insights into life’s little rules from a sunny deck in East Peoria.

Have a great week…kp

kpope #17 June 2010

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  1. Sherry Chastain said,

    Your thoughts were very encouraging and wise to be acted on not just read. We are cheering for your library crew, the best is yet to come.

    By the way, where did you get that name for that adorable dog? Put a sign on him that says support your local library. It would be a neat idea for the whole country to do that.
    It may even encourage the President of our country to do so. I think it would open many eyes and spread good news.

    Enjoy some fireworks this next week.

    Sherry Chastain, Ill. Dept.
    Arkansas State Library

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