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New words for a new world!

Posted in on a + note by Admin on May 10, 2010

New words for a new world!

As library folks, we live in a world of words. Whether reading, talking, writing board reports, teaching, advocating, or keeping up with our friends and families, we are surrounded by words and phrases. I am sure it will come as no surprise that, during the last few months, I secretly have been building a list of new, interesting, and /or useless new words and phrases that are creeping into our everyday dialogue.

For example:

· Shovel-ready: First coined by the Obama administration with regard to the $787 billion dollar federal stimulus bill.

· Transparency: Used by government officials and politicians in a myriad of ways.

· Tweet, tweetaholic, re-tweet, twitterhea, twittersphere: Does anyone besides celebrities and jocks actually tweet?

· Friend: Used as a verb, i.e. "friending" someone on Facebook.

· Sexting: Sending sexually explicit images and/or text messages via cell phone.

· App: Application, as in the iPhone advertisement, “There is an app for that.”

· Teachable moment: What every reference librarian lives for!!!

· Staycation: Coined last summer as familiesdecided to stay home for their vacation and read a book, visit the library, or play in the local park.

· Shopportunity, shoppertunistic: Taking advantage of a shopping opportunity; this simply used to be called a sale!

· Wall Street/Main Street: First coined in mid-2009 to describe the genesis of the financial crisis.

· Toxic assets: Whatever happened to simply bad stocks or delinquent loans?

Of course, the list would be incomplete without a few of my favorite new phrases:

· Practice makes permanent.

· Recession101: It’s a test, not the final exam.

And my personal favorite:

· “If you’re not at the table, you are on the menu.”

Well, there you have it: my list of new words and phrases that we seem to be embracing, for better or worse! Have a great week! Spring is finally here in the heartland!

Kitty Pope
kpope #13 May 2010

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  1. Beth Duttlinger said,

    I was reading the May 2010 American Libraries immediately after reading your post and ALA President Camila Alire has a message on the “new normal”

    How’s that for timely!

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