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What’s your learning style? Part 2

Posted in on a + note by Admin on March 15, 2010

What’s your learning style? Part 2

Thanks to all of your e-mails and funny messages, I am still thinking about the VARK questionnaire and why our learning style is important. VARK is just another tool to help us understand ourselves. It is important for the same reasons the Myers-Briggs and Real Colors tests (I’m an orange) are important. The better we understand ourselves, the better we understand others, the better the supervisor we become; it’s all connected.

With that in mind, I interrupted my husband’s Sunday morning paper and asked him to take the VARK questionnaire. It turns out that he is a multi-modal learner. He and more than sixty percent of the population have several preferred methods of internalizing information. They assimilate information through all channels – visually, aurally, by reading and writing, and by experience – at a fairly equal level. This is good to know when I am talking to him about renovating our kitchen, and all I have is a handful of pictures. Meanwhile, he is reading design books, watching Norm on This Old House, and going to Lowe’s everyday to check out stuff!

To all those folks who commented on the blog or emailed me with humorous guesses as to what my learning style is, you can see from my questionnaire score below that I am clearly a visual learner.

· Visual: 10

· Aural: 4

· Read/Write: 2

· Kinesthetic: 3

My interpretation of this is that I am the atypical Public Librarian, a generalist with the big picture/ holistic approach and personally interested in color, layout, and design. The secondary preference of aural learning perhaps explains my love of radio and that my preferred recreational reading is actually listening to a Playaway!

There are numerous models and approaches to learning styles. As I understand more about how my friends, family, students, and peers learn, I become more effective in communicating with them and sending them information in a format that they can best receive. Perhaps this understanding of learning styles will even bridge the communication gap between men and women, although I doubt I really will ever understand my renovating husband!

Have a great week!

Kitty Pope
kpope #5 March 2010


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