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How to maintain the dream

Posted in on a + note by Admin on January 25, 2010

What’s stopping you?
Kitty Pope

I mean, honestly, what’s really stopping you from living your dream? What’s preventing you from doing what you have always wanted to do, whether it be losing those 20 extra pounds, backpacking around Australia, or owning your own business? Here a few steps to consider if you want to chase your dream:
• Clarify your goal. This may sound easy, but if you are like me, it takes several tries. Ask yourself how badly you really want to lose that weight, see the Great Barrier Reef, or open a design store?

• Define your success. Does success mean losing exactly 20 pounds is 19 okay? Is it buying a pair of UGGs or actually going to Australia? Is it helping out at your friend’s store, or writing a business plan, getting the backing, and opening the doors on your very own business?

• Decide what you need to reach your goals. Do you need to garner some professional advice, to build a supportive team, or do to change your personal priorities? Start with a few baby steps – some small actions that will move you towards realizing your dream. The first step is always the toughest.

• Write a realistic Action Plan and include Success Dates. This process will really help you move ahead at a manageable and orderly pace. However, be sure to build in “buffer” times when, if the plan is lagging, you can catch up and then move ahead.

• Get organized. For library folks, this should be easy. Create your own space where you can work, write your plan, and collect your ideas. Chasing your dream is really tough when you sit at the kitchen table or in front of the television.

So, honestly, what really is stopping you from living your dream?

Kitty Pope
kpope@alliancelibrarysystem.com #50 January 2010

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