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Revving on high

Posted in on a + note by Admin on January 19, 2010

Revving on high

Maybe it’s simply the gray days of January in central Illinois, but at this time of year, my energy is always on the wane. Despite what many believe, being a librarian is not a sedentary job; it requires lots of energy. While walking Diefenbaker on Saturday, I was thinking about what keeps my engine revving on high. The list includes:

ü Color. Several recent studies suggest that bright colors in the workplace and worn by workers positively impacts energy levels and productivity.

ü Light. Turn on the lights. Researchers in the Netherlands found in a recent study that exposing employees to bright light (particularly sunshine) in the afternoon reduced feelings of fatigue and boosted their energy levels.

ü Air. Practice deep breathing. Taking deep breaths for two to three minutes three times per day brings more oxygen into the body which re-energizes muscles.

ü Sleep. Get more rest! It seems simple enough, but going to sleep even just fifteen minutes earlier can increase your energy levels the next day significantly.

ü Water. Dehydration saps your energy. On high stress days and when travelling, increase your water intake. An extra eight ounces of water will put a visible bounce in your step. Just try it; you will be amazed! Plus, did you know that 68% of the times you think you are hungry, you are actually thirsty!

ü Movement (and chocolate).Walking is the greatest energizer of all. In a recent California research project, employees who took a five minute walk had more long-term energy than folks who ate a piece of chocolate. Not wanting to turn down a piece of chocolate, I would suggest walking and eating chocolate for an energy boost.

Brightening up your environment, walking and sleeping more, and increasing your water, and chocolate intake will re-energize you and enable you to put in the kind of workday you want and your customers deserve. Here’s to another piece of chocolate and a walk!

Kitty Pope
kpope #49 January 2010

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