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KISS is alive and well in my world!

Posted in on a + note by Admin on October 26, 2009

KISS is alive and well in my world!

There are four characteristic that most library workers share. We hate a scene; we will do almost anything to avoid an embarrassing incident at the circulation desk. On the whole, we are real sticklers for accuracy. As a group, we are generally humble, which perhaps is why we have such a solid customer base. But, above all, we love to make things complicated. If one rule is good, two are even better. If you ever were in doubt, just think of AACRL or the plethora of loan periods in library land.

Why can’t we practice the KISS philosophy (Keep It Simple Stupid)? Why do we have to make everything so complicated? With that in mind this past week, and as I hurdle towards yet another birthday, I have been working on simplifying my life. Here’s what I’ve done so far.

  • I now answer emails as soon as I get to work, (about 6:30), again just before lunch, and as the last thing before I shut off the lights. On Friday afternoon, I clean out my email file. It has made my Monday much easier!
  • I have removed myself from several listservs that just clogged up my inbox.
  • All my word documents are in Arial font (12pt).
  • It’s easier to edit a document than start from scratch, so I keep all my reports.
  • There is now only one size of Tupperware lid in my kitchen; it fits all sizes of containers!
  • Both dogs now eat the same kind of dog food!!
  • I’ve given all of my blue jeans that don’t fit to Goodwill! So much for, “well, someday I will fit into them!”
  • I now buy two packs of stamps instead of one, they never go bad!! And, if I have to go to the post office, it is least busy just before lunch!
  • I have graduated to black hand towels in the laundry room!!

KISS is alive and well in my world, for now at least!

Have a great week.

kpope #35 October 2009

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