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10 great things about the recession

Posted in on a + note by Admin on October 5, 2009

10 great things about the recession

The recession has hit us hard, reduced our buying power, deflated our spirits, and shaken our personal confidence. However, there is a silver lining to everything. Through these challenging times, we have all learned some important skills and values that will empower us and our children to lead better lives. For example, as a result of the recession:

  • We have more time for our family! It’s a golden opportunity to do those things you have been putting off with your kids or your mom.
  • There is more focus on the community and the needs of our neighbors. How good is that!
  • Many of us are focusing on; living within our financial means, not using our credit cards as much, and buying only what we truly need and can afford.
  • As folks bring their lunch to work, a renewed dialogue is happening in library staffrooms around the country. We are taking time to reconnect with our peers.
  • We are adopting healthy habits like walking the dog, using the clothesline and biking to the library. These are good for the environment and our pocket books.
  • We’re watching the grocery bill. Our financial concerns have made us more conscious of healthy eating, e.g. eating carrots and cutting back on soda.
  • Civility and respectful discourse are back. Winning at any cost is no longer acceptable in Washington, at work and at home. Manners matter!
  • Recycling is now fashionable; from Goodwill to the library, recycling saves money and the environment.
  • Kicking back at home is a good thing; making a scrapbook, reading, or napping are back in style. We don’t have to be on the go all the time to live a good life!
  • Americans are relying less on their credit cards and more on their library card. Over 76% of Americans visited a public library in the last year.

These are ten great things about the recession; can you come up with ten more?

kpope #32 September 2009

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