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It’s all about teamwork!!

Posted in on a + note by Admin on July 13, 2009

It’s all about teamwork!!

Teamwork makes libraries great!

For the last 21 weeks, I have been writing indirectly about teamwork and how it is pulling us out of this recession. So, why is teamwork so fundamental to our success?

The massive impact of the General Motors bankruptcy is hard to imagine. I was born and raised in the Motor City. I grew up with Ford and GM – the cars, the dealerships, the funny advertisements, and of course, the Detroit Auto Show. It was the best!!!

Why did it all come unglued? General Motors became complacent, lethargic, and unable to “reimagine” the future. However, the number one reason GM filed for bankruptcy was their lack of teamwork. From the CEO to the unions, from the small suppliers to the line workers, they all lost the drive to work together; everyone was in it for themselves. So, if you ever think teamwork is not fundamental to the success of your library, and this country just think of Detroit!

Successful teams are grown, nurtured, and exercised; they are no accident. It takes a lot of hard work, leadership, and skill to blend the different personalities, abilities, and agendas into a cohesive unit, working for a common goal. This is the work of a strong and visionary library leader. Our job is not to control or dominate each and every department and project. It is not to micro manage the library, but rather to ask questions, create opportunities, and encourage excellence. The benefits of teamwork are great for the library and the staff because:

  • Two heads are truly better than one.
  • Teamwork promotes a diversity of ideas which is necessary for true change.
  • Teamwork creates a positive, energizing workplace that builds relationships.
  • Teamwork encourages self discipline, better decision making and builds leaders.

Every year, the Alliance Library System Board of Directors sets a system wide theme. Every staff member has at least one goal in their performance evaluation that supports the theme. One year, it was “Everyone is a leader” and last year it was “Teamwork makes ALS great”. Staff worked on interdepartmental projects and participated in state and national committees. Everyone worked on a team. The results were astounding!

Teamwork is often the difference between moving ahead in a new way filled with passion and energy, or just treading water. A team effort will make the library more productive and a whole lot more fun. Happy folks do great work!

Kitty Pope #21 June 2009 kpope


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