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Where does self confidence come from?

Posted in on a + note by Admin on May 25, 2009

Where does self confidence come from?

I believe self-confidence is the difference between being scared and being passionate; it’s how we feel about ourselves and what we can accomplish. In these challenging times, I think our communal self-confidence to truly affect change, has taken some serious blows. The

good news is self-confidence can be learned and nurtured.

So, how do we stay confident in these stressful times? Where does self-confidence come from?

· To be self-confident, you need to control your inner fears. You need to be conscious of what scares you and take actions to bring your inner turmoil under control. For example, I am afraid of snakes, so I have made a conscious effort to learn about them. Knowledge helps me control the fear and be more confident around them (like at our recent ALS Summer Reading Kickoff!!).

· Self-confidence is cumulative; it comes from and builds on achievements. Celebrate your successes. On the flip side, learn to handle the failures positively, focus on the learning experience, and then move on. Dwelling on failure will only make it worse and erode your self-confidence!!

· Adversity often spurs self-confidence. We have all seen peers, friends, or family who seem to gain confidence and courage in the face of a crisis.

· Self-confidence comes from positive reinforcement, so break the cycle of negative self–talk and get into the habit of complimenting folks. It will build positive momentum for both you and the folks around you.

· Speak up and participate, be it in the staff room or at church. Participating and contributing to the discussions will build your self esteem and grow your leadership skills, which in turn builds self-confidence.

· Focus on your community. Being passionate about a cause (i.e. building a new library or an animal shelter) is the best self-confidence builder ever!

· Dressing and acting the part pays huge dividends. When you look good, you feel good and when you feel good, you are more self-confident. Just ask Stacy and Clinton from the TV show What Not to Wear!!

· Being healthy, energetic, and passionate are all symptoms of self- confidence, so take your vitamins, walk lots, and start your engines!!!

I challenge you to say something positive to a co-worker every day this week (i.e. “that was a great report you wrote”) or cuddle a snake!!! They will feel great (the co worker and the snake), and your self-confidence will soar. Honestly!!

Have a great week.

Kitty Pope #14 May/09



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