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What have we learned so far?

Posted in on a + note by Admin on May 18, 2009

What have we learned so far?

As library workers, we live in a world of questions and answers so; it is little surprise that in a time of communal uncertainty we are striving to find answers. We are all looking for answers that we can truly comprehend and use with our families and our libraries.

So, what have we learned so far?

· We know more about; the world economy, the stock market plus the auto/mortgage and banking industries than ever before. Who knew we were so connected to Detroit?

· Bi-partisan politics has produced few answers and in many cases has impeded progress. Teamwork is what is digging us out of this hole.

· The reality is we need many solutions to lead us out of this complex recession. Solutions for the nation, solutions for the states, solutions for our communities, solutions for our libraries and solutions for our families. We are all part of the problem so we all need to be part of the solution!

· Innovation truly is the engine of change. We need to find sustainable solutions to this 7-9 year economic boom and bust cycle, as it does not sustain economic growth. We need to learn where the tipping point is and be able to self regulate ourselves to avoid the precipice!

· The library community needs to be part of the solution, so keeping our work force employed and focused on the community we serve is essential.

· Innovative new products, like Playaways and new services like text messaging a librarian are opening up a whole new community of users to the library.

· Good library leaders; articulate the libraries vision again, again and again, focus in actions and team work, stay healthy, listen well, use common sense and understand the power of thank you.

· And, I laugh as I write this, but being thrifty and green is finally sheik..be it bringing your lunch to work, shopping at Goodwill (my favorite store) or not printing and filing every single email you receive!

As I continue to look for solutions for the library community, I am thrilled to be doing a Sirsidynix Institute webinar on Wednesday May 13th 11am central time, it’s a free one hour live chat, right on your computer about On a + note and what I have learned writing these weekly sound bites. To attend, register at https://sirsidynix.webex.com/mw0305l/mywebex/default.do?siteurl=sirsidynix&service=6

Please join me and if you have questions or comments email them to stacilee.oakes and I will respond on air. Have a great week!

Kitty Pope #13 May 11/09



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