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How to stay healthy in stressful times

Posted in on a + note by Admin on April 13, 2009

How to stay healthy in stressful times

I am sure you have read lots about staying healthy in stressful times, but I wanted to write about ideas you may not have read about…things that will help you as a library leader be at the top of your game as we manage our way out of this crisis and start to heal. For example;

1. Set healthy goals for yourself. What is it that keeps you feeling great? For me it’s; rest…lots of it throughout the week and an extra portion on the weekend, exercise… three short walks a day, lots of protein… especially for breakfast and just like my mom said drink lots of water. This is not earth shattering information, but it is fundamental to staying healthy and managing in a crisis.

2. A routine is the most sustainable way to build good health habits. My best example is walking the dogs every evening, it doesn’t take much time and I have a built-in reminder, the 7 o’clock woofing at the back door! The most sustainable health habit is the one that is the smallest and least invasive, if it’s complicated (like the all natural juice diet) it will likely fall by the wayside quickly.

3. There is a tendency to believe that if we keep the crisis in mind 24/7 we will be in control and thus cope better. However, the opposite maybe true. Walking away from stress i.e. listening to a Playaway or my personal favorite, shoe shopping may help us remain healthy. A mini escape will enable you to re-focus and function better in a high stress situation.

4. Now is not the time to make huge personal decisions: i.e. filing for divorce or cutting off your hair and dying it blue. Save those for a time when you are not in full crisis management.

5. During times of stress give yourself the luxury of some time to yourself. Time to think, meditate and relax. Be it lunch by yourself or closing your office door, time alone will help you stay healthy and manage the crisis much more effectively.

6. And, my personal favorite, if you do get sick during a crisis…stay home…don’t infect the whole organization with your cold or stomach flu. We aren’t doing brain surgery; the library will survive while you recuperate and amazingly, technology now enables us to work from home. So, if you are sick…stay home!

The bottom line is, recovery is underway and to successfully manage our way out of this crisis we all need to be more conscious of what keeps us healthy and simply take action.Stay well and have a great week.

Kitty Pope #8 April/09



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