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Change really is good…honest

Posted in on a + note by Admin on April 6, 2009

Change really is good…honest

As the economic roller coaster begins its long climb back up to a sustainable level, I’ve been thinking over the weekend about how we need to work together and take responsibility for our future. For America’s libraries I would suggest this is good news because if there is one thing we really do well, it’s collaborate and share…so now is the time to truly embrace and inspire change. I say truly because we all can provide lip service to “change is good” but to really believe it, right down to our cotton socks is another story.

Change is all about managing our options and charting a path that will reach out and build a future; for our libraries and most importantly for the whole community. So, honestly, why is change so good?

1. Embracing change ensures our long term growth as a nation and as a library community. Without change we stagnate and become obsolete, left behind and redundant. In most cases embracing change is truly a matter of survival. Just think where public libraries would be today if we had not embraced that first OPAC (on-line public access computer) fifteen or was that twenty years ago!

2. Change powers innovation and innovation grows communities and communities power libraries, it’s all interconnected!

3. Change helps us personally embrace new ideas and sustain hope in a better tomorrow. And, it is this hope that drives our inner courage to embrace change.

To begin to appreciate the power of real change, I recommend to you the Harwood Institute for Public Innovation, www.theharwoodinstitute.org a nonprofit organization dedicated to “accelerated change for the public good”. Read Richard Harwood’s essay Make Hope Real (available on their website) in which he simply asks “how can we understand the important change that is occurring and help accelerate it in the right direction?” Read Harwood’s blog where he comments “Hard times demand that we turn outward. Simply faster won’t get us there” and you will begin the personal journey to explore the power of real change!

Have a great week.

Kitty Pope #7 March/09


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