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The power of thank you

Posted in on a + note by Admin on March 16, 2009

The power of thank you

Kitty thanking Secretary of State Jessie White

There are a few secrets to this life that I am beginning to appreciate as we wade through these tough times. The first one on my list of revelations is the amazing power of a simple thank you. No kidding, gratitude costs you nothing but a few minutes and the results are astounding. And now, more than ever we in library land need to say thank you. Thank you will have an amazing impact on you as well as your recipients.

For you, a simple thank you will:

  • improve your spirits and simply improve your overall health…I know it sounds trite and simple….but it is true
  • break down barriers and let your voice be heard, so when you make the “big ask” for stable or more funding you can and will be heard

Gratitude empowers you to focus on actions and search for new ways to make a difference, it empowers you find the positives and cut out the whining….which, by the way never got any library any money!!! Gratitude opens doors.

For the recipient, a simple thank you will:

  • improve their spirits and overall health; there is nothing more invigorating than being appreciated and thanked
  • enable them to move ahead with a clearer vision of their mission and open their ears to yours. Thank you opens doors.

Much research has been done on the power of thank you. For example:

  • a waitress who writes thank you on the bill before handing it to a customer receives, on average a 11% larger tip
  • thankers tend to exercise 10 minutes more and 12 minutes more sleep per day…all good things.

So why should we in the library community care? We meet hundreds of people daily and are constantly trying to make a difference in the lives of our customers; especially these days and we need all the good will we can muster. When was the last time you thanked a customer, blogger or board member? Have you ever thanked a customer for questioning the libraries selection policy?

I challenge you in the next week to make a conscious effort every day to thank two people; thank the mailman, a customer or a peer. Then ask yourself; is my life better, am I happier, did I really make a difference in someone’s life? I am confident the answer will be yes.

Oh, and, thanks for reading my email.

Kitty Pope

kpope #4 March/09

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