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Leading in tough times

Posted in on a + note by Admin on February 23, 2009

Leading in tough times

In the good times, when the money is flowing and life is good, it’s easy to motivate employees and step forward with innovation and change. However, in the tough times, when our world is less than rosy and folks are scared, as library leaders we need to step up to the plate and lead as we have never led before. We need to let our passion for libraries show. But, how do we motive ourselves in these uncertain times? How do we tap into our inner courage and lead in these tough times?

1. Stay open minded. In times of crisis we tend to revert to the tried and true when in reality we need to focus on possibilities and think outside the box. Truly, this is the time for innovation!!!

2. Keep your eye on the big picture. It’s like learning to drive a car, if you focus your gaze at the front of the car instead of down the road, you will run into something!!! Keep referring to the library’s mission and goals and how they directly connect to your actions.

3. Focus on actions that will impact not only the library, but also the community and the nation. We need to keep folks employed so they can contribute to the solution and not the problem.

4. Self confidence and personal courage are essential. The moment you start doubting yourself you run the risk of being sucked into that self created vortex of defeat. Do whatever it takes to remain positive and confident be it reading, walking or sharing coffee with a neighbor. Your self-confidence and personal courage are fundamental to your ability to lead your library in these tough times.

5. Stay engaged with folks. It’s tempting to wall yourself off in your office, but as a leader you need to connect with the folks you lead and the community you serve. Take the time to hear what they are saying; they need it and so do you.

6. It’s all about passion!! Let your friends and families belief in your leadership, feed and encourage your confidence, spirit and passion for libraries.

Staying open minded, focusing on your library’s mission and goals, emphasizing action, keeping folks employed and listening will help us all stay confident and focused. Taping into our inner courage will enable us to remain passionate about what we do and give us the courage to lead the library community in these tough times.

Kitty Pope

kpope #1 February/09

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